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Painting With Grace

4.4 ( 8864 ratings )
Spiele Unterhaltung Bildung Familie
Entwickler Adrian Roney

Painting with Grace is an app inspired and written for my daughter Grace. She was 5 years old when the original version for another mobile operating system was released. She received an iPad from santa this year and is now 8. her first words when she opened the box were "I need Painting With Grace on this!", so I took the leap, and ported it to iOS in Swift for her. Here is the result.

The features of Painting with Grace are as follows.

- 3 different sized realistic paint brushes.
- 15 different colours presented in a paint palette.
- 15 different background colours to choose from.
- Load Images from your device gallery and draw on them (it will not harm the originals)
- Save your creations to your gallery.

Grace and I both hope that you and your kids have as much fun with it as we have had making it!

I have found that Grace is a really tough creative director / Product Owner!

If you have problems or suggestions please email us at:

Have Fun!